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Hello, my name is Samuel Enrique Vasquez, from a very young age I adored video games and my taste for these video games. I run this blog as a free online video game blogger. Waiting for you to join and contribute ideas in this simple video game blog, don't forget to share the website to be a bigger community that we share the same taste for video games. This page Samuel's little shop is a blog that offers a variety of online games from different independent developers on the Internet, we collect games that we find on the Internet for free to use and share it on this page so that you play a lot and they are completely FREE! Thousands of games for adults and children compiled to have a fun, entertaining time, explore your adventurous side and seek victory in each of these games until the end. You can send us suggestions and your constructive criticism to improve this online page. We have just started this project but we hope to go far. I hope you have fun here and remember to use the search to find your favorite game. If you like the content of this page and you can collaborate with a small donation through Paypal, Samuel's little shop will thank you and we will continue uploading more content, thanks gamers.

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